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We have a miniature dachshund puppies! Female and male still aviable!


Dachshunds have six weeks

IMG 1306 Dachshunds have six weeks. It's been pretty "bandits". They will have their first vaccination and tattoos soon. Here you will find batch of new photos. One female and one male are still waitting for new familly. More info about litter here.




New photos of dachshund puppies

IMG 9599 Small dachshunds are one month old. I stare and start their first game. They have done two dewormed and double cutting nails. Everyone weighs around 600g. We have female or male from this litter still free. More info here. New photos here.



National show Brno

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Dollar Vives Bohemia - excellent

Bert Bertoni Prague - excellent 4

Bella Bertoni Prague - excellett 2

Babetta Bertoni Prague - excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ.

Boris Ariadnina nit - excellent 3



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