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Current news - October 2009 Print


Dachshunds Club Show in Prague

Daughter of our stud dog Drix z Blýskavé -our Ugi z Hěřmanova domu - Excellent 3.

The son of Drix - Ugo z Blýskavé - Excellent 1, CAJC, Club winner of young class. And Uxi z Hěřanova domu Excellent 3.

The sisiter of Drix - Donka z Blýskavé - Excellent 3.

Our little princess Ornella Tergy - Very Promoised 1, BIS PUPPY in Club Show!!!


Intrnational Dog Show in České Budějovice

This Saturday we went for International Dog Show in České Budějovice (CZ). The weather was perfect and also the companionship of our frineds, we spent really wonderfull day. I really thank them all who spent the day with us and we send warmest congratulations to all their successes in the ring. We were with our vizsla Or kajan z baštin and with foxterrier Artaban vives Bohemia - and it´s was his firt show.


Hungarian vizsla - our STUD DOG- OR KAJAN Z BAŠTIN - in champion class. Excellent 1, CAC, CAVIB, BOB, BIG III!!

Foxterrier - Artaban Vives Bohemia - in young class - Excellent 1, CAJC.

 I´m so proud over them!

17. - 18.10.2009

Filed trail in  Vraný and in Klatovy

This weekend our vizslas were on exams. Ambra z Královských vinic had 2 exams in I.pice - ZV and PZ and it´s means, that she is breeding female.

Our second hungarian vizdla Bára od Varvažovského most hady ZV in I.price.




World dog show Bratislava 2009

This sunday we were in Bratislava with our hungarian vizslas. Gch. Algeron Laváre Morávia in chamion class have Excellent and our Ch. Or Kajan z Baštin in working class Excellent 3. We are very vain of them.



Forest exam for small breeds in Klatovy

This saturday we were in Klatovy with foxterrier Bonna od Lodenické stráně and dachshund Elen z Blýskavé. We go through this exam with both bitches in II.price. Our foxterrier Bonna demonstrate voice with mark 3.



Regional dog show - Džbán

Daugrter of our hungarian vizsla Algeron Laváre Morávia was in puppy class on reagional show. She won her group!



Web sites up - dating

We have a nex presentation of stud dogs here. And this is presentation with exams of dogs, who are training with us.



Den hunt exams

We prepared sister of our Drix - Donka z Blýskavé for den hunt exam with fox. Donka was excellen and fill it with all points.

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