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We are waiting for the Hungarian pointers puppies! We plan dachshund puppies!


Planned puppies

IMG 1322 Perhaps with a 4 month delay we started her season wirehaired dachshund Ugi z Heřmanova domu. This week we are planning to go for the groom. More information here.



Exams results

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Yankee  (Benny Vives Bohemia) - ZV (ability test) - I.price, 2 nd place

                                               - PZ (field test) - I.price, 2nd place

Ixa vlčí hrdlo -  ZV (ability test) - I.price, winner

Cedrus Vives Bohemia - ZV (ability test) - II.price

Bellot Vives Bohemia- ZV (ability test) - I.price, 4th place který obsadil 4. místo, s jednou trojkou, hlas 4. Moc páníkům blahopřejeme a děkujeme za vzornou prezentaci jejich psíků.



International dog show České Budějovice

Bernard Ariadnina nit 4

 Deborah Vives Bohemia - excellent 3

Our Or kajan z Bašin progeny:

Bella Bertoni Prague - EXCELLENT 2

Becca Ariadnina nit - EXCELLNET 2, RES. CAC. 

Bernard Ariadnina nit - EXCELLENT 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB



We went for the groom ...

boker13 Today we went with our Ornella Tergy as "her" chosen ...  Boker. If the mating was successful, we see in November. More information about this blood, exterior and professionally interesting connection here. We take reseravtions the puppies from this litter. For more information, please contact us.



"U" Beruška Avoir du Nez

IMG 9786 Beruška Avoir du Nez - all round test, II.price, 2nd place




Forest exam - Sokolov

IMG 2940

Brothers Adar a Arthur Vives Bohemia  - Adar II.price, Arthur III.price




Regional dog show

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 Deborah a Dollar Vives Bohemia - both EXCELLENT 1, WINNER OF CLASSÝBORNÁ, VÍTĚZ


Pregnancy confirmed! We are waiting redheaded presents :-)

litter E

Mating with Hungarian hunk - Szikra Skyrocket went well and we could see several small puppies at ultrasound. Expected puppies comes at the beginning of November. We take reseravtions to puppies from this litter. More from this the blood very interesting litter here.


National dog show Brno

NVP Brno 29.9.2012 096

 Bella Bertoni Prague - excellent 2.

Ayiee Danitty excellent 1, CAC a National winner.

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